Experience the ultimate cinematic escape room when The Mummy Escape Game is unleashed. The world of this summer’s The Mummy transforms into an immersive live-action game that gives thrill seekers a terrifying twist on a timeless legend…just before the epic-action adventure arrives in theaters on June 9.

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Stop the Ultimate Evil

You and your teammates are hired as Security Guards for Prodigium. This prestigious underground organization studies occult matters, supernatural happenings and uncanny creatures. Earlier in the week, a new arrival entered the lab – Ahmanet, former princess of Egypt, turned prisoner as The Mummy. Suddenly, while receiving an orientation about the facility, the alarm rings! Now Ahmanet calls upon her ancient powers to break away from her confinement as she sets off the sensors and attempts to break the seal that keeps her from wreaking havoc. The Mummy is said to bring calamity upon humanity and her release could be the beginning of the end.

Your mission is simple: Solve the puzzles and entomb The Mummy!

This is a live-action entertainment game. You will be physically locked into a room to solve puzzles and escape with teammates.