Real Escape Game™, created by SCRAP Entertainment, is a unique and interactive live experience where teams solve mysteries and clues within a time limit. You and your fellow players are actually inside the story who must escape from a scenario filled with challenging puzzles and other brainteasers. Players are encouraged to communicate frequently and divide tasks efficiently in order to solve all the puzzles before time runs out. If you are a person who likes answering riddles, solving complex puzzles, or are just looking for a good mental challenge, this event is for you!
SCRAP’s escape room is selected as BEST ESCAPE ROOM in the United States at USA TODAY’s READERS’ CHOICE 2016.


  • Originator and pioneer of the live escape entertainment genre since 2007
  • 25+ different games in a variety of formats
  • Over 2,000,000 players worldwide to date
  • North American record holder for largest escape game with 6,000 players in a single day